Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dye Day in Lud Valley

Sunday 20 Sept saw a number of our Eco Colour Group enjoying a wonderful day at Judy Keylock's . The weather was perfect, the fire pit amazing and we all were most appreciative of Judy and Michael's hospitality and the effort they had put into making yet another magical eco colour experience for us. It was great to see what everyone had been doing since the last dye day at Sue's. Maria brought along her two gorgeous daughters, with Maya proving one is never too young to enjoy a good dye up. Judy's fire pit was created especially for the Eco Colour workshop with India earlier in the year, so it was exciting to see pots bubbling away on it again.
Felicity provided a huge pile of onion skins and a brass pot which created an especially rich brew after being on the fire for a couple of hours. There were some experimental pots as well which included small branch prunings from a red japanese maple which had red bark but alas was a bit of a disappointment. We had a beautiful pale green mix that included yellow oxalis and was useful for giving soft green backgrounds.
A piece brewed up in that ended up as one of Jo's exhibits in the Fibre Spectrum show, a pot with wattle leaves and flowers and another with Kophai seed pods - all things we hadn't had a chance to use before given that this was our first sprig dye up! The most popular brew of the day was the rich onion "soup" with everyone cramming just one more piece in - the poor pot was in bursting at the seams. Felicity had great results with a cape in there - hopefully we will see it on the catwalk as part of her end of year offerings for her NMIT course.Judy supplied some wondrous moments with her bubble machine - much to the delight of all of us, not just the children and much fun was had by all. Can't wait for the next get together which will be at Sue's on Saturday 31 October.


  1. glad to see the sorcerer's apprentices having a splendid time...

  2. such a great fireplace - did you dig a big hole in the ground first and than covered it with some big stones? I like to follow your experiments with a lot of interest, Dorie