Sunday, July 18, 2010

Soon we will be one!

I just realised that we have had only one post this year and yet lots has been happening with our little band of Nelson eco colour alchemists!

As well as our dye days and irregular get togethers, 8 of us had work selected for the national textile award, Changing Threads held in Nelson in March with Judy winning the 2010 Bernina Award for the ‘most creative entry using a sewing machine'.

She is a pretty dab hand at making beautiful bubbles too! Judy has also been using eco colour techniques with her special needs students at Nelson's Maitai School with great success.

Jo had an exhibition at Fibre Spectrum in June and there are plans afoot for more group and solo exhibitions later this year and 2011.

Garments are high on our priority list at the moment, with some amazing creations coming out of the pots at our latest dye day. Felicity was very gracious and agreed to unwrap her bundle at the end of the day, so we could all see her wonderful jacket.

Felicity and her mum Gilda had a job hunting down their bundles amongst the various pots, but all were accounted for in the end.

What fun we have at dye days!