Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sally and Jo share the wonders of Eco Colour with the Nelson Creative Fibre Group. Maria was there to add her bit about needing to look at things like environmental responsibility and working with plant dyes with new eyes. The Ice Flower demonstration certainly got some excited reactions as the colour magically appeared when the frozen flowers went into the warm water.


  1. Hi
    just out of interest, how can you boil silk fabric and not ruin it when if you have a garment made of silk it always says cool hand wash?
    Do you know if there are any people doing this kind of eco dying in the UK?
    thanks for sharing
    much love

  2. when silk is unreeled from the cocoon those little grandmas doing the unreeling have their hands in boiling water...
    silk garments usually have drycleaning advice or similar on them because manufacturers don't have faith in their customers

    my advice is to treat sillk as you would your hair...can't go wrong. as to the UK, there was an Eco colour class there in April this year so i imagine there are a few folks still brewing up the odd cauldron...